The highest priority for us is our customer satisfaction. Here are services offered by our Atlantis Microfinance to satisfy your needs

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You can secure various types of loans through Atlantis Microfinance Ltd. Our Loans fit various types of clients from personal

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Atlantis Microfinance has various services and programs; You probably have any question related to some of our services ? Here are answers for you

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Our Premium E-channels

atlantis_atm_300Atlantis Microfinance e-channels provide your business with highly efficient cash management solutions through Automated Teller systems (ATM), Mobile banking, Internet banking and POS machines.

If you are looking for a single point of entry that allows you to access and enjoy all your bank’s products and services and if you wish to manage your worldwide business accounts from anywhere and at any time then Atlantis Microfinance is your financial Institution.

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2. Atlantis Microfinance is presenting a simple and safe mode of sending cash, 24×7 using Cardless Cash Withdraw. Initiate a request as a sender via POS, ATM, Mobile Banking and Core Banking to send an withdraw cash. The Recipient does not need to have a bank account, he/she uses the information received through sms.
3. Atlantis Microfinance has been integrated to other banks. You can transact on our ATMs using the cards of : GT BANK, UOB, ZIGAMA CSS, BPR, ACCESS BANK, CRANE BANK, COGEBANK AND BRD.
4. MTN Mobile Money is another alternative to bank accounts that Atlantis Microfinance has introduced to enable customers to transfer money from MOMO to bank accounts and vice versa.
5. YegoPay is another initiative of easy banking. YegoPay Mwallet is a card-less and cashless transaction mode which provides more flexibility to the customers to transact through their smart phones.